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Welcome to The Secret Naturist Society


A naturist loves to enjoy the many splendours of the great outdoors without being hampered by wearing clothing. The secret naturist does so as well, yet adds the element of stealth from other human eyes. The secret naturist has been with us for many years but few people are even aware of their existence. This is most probably due to the secretive and furtive nature, keeping well concealed within the cover of dense woodland or even under cover of darkness, and only venturing out when confident of being alone and not being observed. It is also believed that the secret naturist could, in fact, be relatively common through out the all parts of the world but a distinct lack of official sightings and reports prevents any firm guess at the true numbers.

The availability of the internet has proven by far to be the best way of learning about the secret naturist. By communicating using electronic means such as community forums, anonymity can be assured yet ideas and tales, hints & tips and other information can be shared freely without any risk of discovery.

This website, The Secret Naturist Society, takes an in-depth look at the elusive and often cunning world and lifestyle of the secret naturist. It draws on many sources and includes contributions from active secret naturists, historical literature and also on the webmasters own experiences of many years of secret naturism. Many sources have been difficult to substantiate and some could be said to be the stuff of legends, though it is said a legend is often based on real facts somewhere in the mists of time.

Aims & Directives

Most websites have a specific purpose and The Secret Naturist Society is no different. It's main purpose is to act as an information resource on the subject of secret naturism and also to be a contact point for secret naturists themselves who wish to communicate their experiences and ideas to others.

Since the site was first launched in October 1999, the original very secretive approach has changed slightly over the years as the site developed, changed hands, and grew. The inspiration for this site sprang from a book called The Nudist Way by David Martin, which is generally about nude rambling in the countryside. It could almost be described as a companion guide to The Secret Naturist Society and has a more open and less secretive approach than this website. This led to wondering, perhaps there is a better way of doing things, out in the open, almost going public as it were but still holding to the general principles of the secret naturist.

In light of this we’ve decided to be more open and honest about our secret naturist activities and to make less use of secret, secluded locations and to come out into the open. Instead of hiding or slipping away when approached by non-naturists, an approach of contact and discussion will be implemented if the situation allows.

This website will continue to be as originally intended, about secret naturism but will also encourage a more open approach to nudity. However, this does not mean that social nudity or "normal" naturism is the ultimate goal, secret naturism will always be the main aim and objective of this website.

The Secret Naturist Society is nurtured by individuals around the world with the common interest of being naked in the great outdoors and the Societies prime directives and aims are set out below.

The prime directives of the Society are:

- to achieve total nudity in everyday locations.
- to remain undiscovered at all times.

The principle aims of the Society are:

- to provide a friendly and open forum to share thoughts, experiences, feelings and tips on the subject of secret naturism.
- to provide support and encouragement to both new and experienced secret naturists who wish to develop their secret naturist skills further.
- to push the boundaries of secret naturism to the highest level possible yet still keeping within the prime directives.
- to develop new skills, methods and other ways and means of achieving safe total nudity.

If any or all of the above apeals to you, please take this opportunity to join the Secret Naturist Society. Registration is totally free and is only required to ensure a safe, friendly environment for all our members. A valid email address is required in order to recieve your personal password to gain access to this site, and to retrieve it in the future should you forget your password. Your email address will be used for no other purpose and will not end up on some spammers mailing list.

Posted on Tuesday, July 01

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